Summery Floral Wrap Maxi Dress

I'm always asked where I get my outfits from and lucky for you i'm a very inexpensive shopper! I get bored of clothes easily so I really like to find decent priced items that are typically found online. There's something about online shops... there's so much more variety and I find the clothes are much more unique. It's also unlikely that you'll run into someone wearing the same thing, I love that!

This dress is so beyond flattering and so lightweight. It's like you're wearing a nighty and going to bed! Because of the waist string it's very adjustable to your size as you can loosen and tighten the wrap; perfect for if you eat too much haha!

This dress made me feel so elegant and sexy at the same time. I feel like it could look amazing on so many different shapes and sizes. The shoulder straps are also adjustable so you can control how much cleavage you want to show. I love that it is long because I really like to wear heels with dresses, because of the length it makes you look so long, tall and slim!

It made me feel so feminine, I just loved it and know you would too!

You can find this beautiful floral dress HERE.



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