This Skirt is Pure Romance!

I'm always asked where I get my outfits from and lucky for you i'm a very inexpensive shopper! I get bored of clothes easily so I really like to find decent priced items that are typically found online. There's something about online shops... there's so much more variety and I find the clothes are much more unique. It's also unlikely that you'll run into someone wearing the same thing, I love that!

There's so much that you can do with this lightweight maxi skirt!! You can pair it with crop tops, bodysuits, blouses, jean jacket, or a swimsuit for the beach. It's so versatile which I love and you can simply turn the skirt to the side a little more if you want to show off a little more leg like I do. This maxi is so forgiving due to the wrapping waist tie... so if you eat too much, no problem- you can loosen it up Lol!

If you'd like to find this skirt, click HERE

xo -Haley

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