Breakfast Quesadilla

This is my new favourite breakfast right now, it's SO good!

You can eat 1/2 of the quesadilla or a full quesadilla depending on your nutritional goals

Nutrition of full Quesadilla:

Calories: 503

Protein: 42

Carbs: 38

Fat: 18


1 egg yolk

3/4 cup egg white

1/4 cup shredded cheese

1 multigrain tortilla wrap

3/4 cup chopped fresh spinach

2/3 cup chopped bell pepper

1 dollop of salsa (about 1 tbsp) (You can use whatever veggies you want. This is all I had on hand at the time!) For seasoning:

I used my home-made blackened spice that I honestly put on everything! But use whatever you want


-Preheat your pan to medium heat and spray it will olive oil.

In the meantime, mix your eggs in a bowl and chop up your ingredients.

-Once your pan is warm, pour in your eggs. -Once the eggs are about halfway cooked in omelet fashion, add your chopped ingredients into the eggs. -Once your eggs are 3/4 cooked, place your tortilla onto the eggs in the pan. Press the tortilla so that it sticks to the egg. -Let it set for a minute and then carefully take a plate and flip your eggs onto the plate so that the tortilla is on the bottom now.

-Sprinkle your cheese onto the egg, then fold it in half like a quesadilla.

-Now put your quesadilla back onto the pan to get the outside of the tortilla nice and crispy. Flip to crisp the other side

Now it’s all done! Cut it into 3 or 4 pieces and you have a breakfast quesadilla!

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