Renovation 101


I don't know about you ladies but men are not always comfortable with change, especially when it comes to those changes costing money. But if you want to convince that man of yours to finally do those renovations, have your research ready to go and be willing to put some work in yourself.


I desperately wanted white cabinets but replacing them would be silly because they were fantastic cabinets. I just didn't love the colour (personal preference). But having them painted professionally would cost around $4000 which I was just not going to accept! So I did some searching around and came across Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit and it looked pretty amazing. I watched videos and tutorials and felt pretty sold on the idea of painting the cabinets ourselves. And the kit only cost around $100, which is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper. So we followed the steps that came in the directions and it was quite a process because the cabinets were pretty dark, and I wanted them very white, so each side needed 3 coats, plus a top clear coat. So as you can imagine, it was tedious… however it was completely worth it! Just have a glass of wine at reach, some motivating music and you can make it fun. All together we needed to use 2 to 3 kits (can’t remember) but at that price, who cares.


So another issue was that our quartz countertops were in amazing shape but I just didn’t like how dark they were. So I seemed like a crazy person wanting to remove perfectly good quartz, but I knew that if they were uninstalled properly we would be able to sell them. So we uninstalled them, and voila, they sold! So that money made from the old ones went towards the new quartz which brought that cost down as well.


Now the flooring.. same thing, it was in PERFECT condition, but I did not like the colour because it was just to rich for me. I like really neutral tones.. so now I sound like a crazy person again, wanting to uninstall something that was in perfect condition. But I thought about it and figured that since it’s laminate, it’s not nailed down or anything so i’m sure we can take it out and sell that too! I can proudly say, we were able to sell it quite easily. So not only did we get money from the old floors towards the new ones, but the new laminate was already a great deal since it was going to be discontinued or something. I was shocked that for once my favourite flooring in the whole shop was one of the lowest in price!


In the pictures you actually see the colour we changed the walls to, previously it was this super dark forrest green, so we also painted the walls ourself so again, $$ saving!


The appliances weren't bad in my opinion but hey, if we're going to do a full update, why not sell our appliances that are in good condition but depreciated and put that money towards new trendy ones.


I found the face of the island to be so plain and boring so I wanted to make it more of a feature and centre piece of the kitchen. So I bought some lumber, and made some complicated cuts to give it that stunning barn look. And put a nice dark coat of paint on it, which made it pop! You really don't need to get a whole new island, sometimes it just takes a little fresh detail.


The overall goal of these renos is to eventually sell the home and make money on it, house flipping is a really beneficial as long as you do it right and frugally! Pick and choose the important things that you want to change, because you won't make money back on everything. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the most important things to buyers when it comes to house search because people want a house that is "turn key" unless they enjoy flipping too. Also important to choose nice decor and keep the home free of clutter so that it helps the buyer imagine themselves in the home and feel relaxed. We definitely plan to live here for a while, but I don't think we'll have any problems selling once we do.