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Hello Loves!

I'm a fitness enthusiast that likes to feel good in my body, mind, health, and home.


I am crazy about food and have a vicious appetite due to working out so hard.

I enjoy big bold flavours and variety but I also love to maintain a lean physique year round. It's hard to be a foodie and stay in shape so i've really worked over time to create healthier alternatives to my favourite foods- so that I can enjoy them without the guilt!

I really hope you enjoy my recipes that will help satisfy those cravings while being waistline friendly!

I also love to look good in my clothes.

But, having an athletic build can honestly make shopping difficult at times! 

I've never considered myself a 

fashionista by any means, because i'm pretty simple. But over the years i've had so many woman wanting to know what i'm wearing from my fitness apparel to day/evening wear.

If I had to put a label on my style i'd probably call it sexy/elegant or downright sporty.


I'm also at that point in my life where skincare has become a large priority. I like my skin to look the way I feel which is young and youthful. I hope my beauty/fashion posts help you in some way:)

For those that don't know, i'm actually a woodworker on the side. I love to build custom rustic furniture for people and renovate! You can find some pictures of my work HERE.

I'm just a woman trying to do it all because I love learning! Knowledge is power and the more I know, the more powerful I feel!

Enjoy my blog!




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