Haley Almeida

I'm Haley Almeida, Fitness model, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist.

I haven't always been the healthy and active person that I am now so I can really relate to people that are starting their journey. Being a positive example and role model is my top priority, and I love being able to coach clients along to help them reach the same confidence that I have created for myself. Fitness isn't about a six pack to me. Fitness is about loving yourself, feeling confident, gaining energy, reaching goals, and believing in yourself and your capabilities. It takes training to make yourself a priority and i'd love to help you get there! 

How I began my fitness journey // 

Growing up I was really active and involved in a variety of sports. Being called 'skinny minnie' was a common occurrence and I was able to eat whatever I wanted. Dieting was never something I had to think about.

After high school I moved away from home and started my apprenticeship working in a hair salon full time. I gained maybe 5lbs from age 18-20 so it wasn't bad at all. But then when I was 20 I started dating someone who could eat anything he wanted and still have an 8 pack. I ended up taking on his poor eating habits and then my emotions, mood and health all started to go down hill. I ended up gaining about 10 lbs so I was really upset with myself; I knew I wanted change, I just didn't know where to begin, how to start, or even commit. I had no education on exercise or nutrition, so I felt lost. . .

How it changed my life



It wasn't always the plan!


I was actually a hair stylist for about 7 years and within the last few years of working in a hair salon I was really involved in the gym for myself.

While being in the gym I'd have people coming up to me almost every day asking me if I was either a trainer or a competitor. I wasn't either of those things so it felt really good to have people think that I was based on the results that I had achieved.

I really wanted to help and motivate people to get into this lifestyle so I started posting tips, workouts, and healthy recipes on my Instagram and really started to get noticed in the industry before it was as popular as it is now. I was then noticed by Freddy from Bodyrock.tv which was ultimately the starting point of my career. He liked my look and asked me to make a youtube workout video, so I did. He liked the workout video so he decided to bring me out to Toronto, tested me out, and the fan base really liked me. I then became an official host for bodyrock.tv for a while. On paper the instant fame joining BRTV seemed like a dream come true. I had millions of people viewing my workouts, but the reality of it all wasn't so great. As much as I appreciated the experience, I was not respected enough as a woman and decided not to go into a contract with the company. . .

Training Philosophy //

Balance is key

For me life is about balance. You can live a healthy life and achieve results while still being able to let your hair down. I believe in moderation not deprivation and trust me, my way works long term. 

This is an amazing lifestyle when you get into it; however, Don’t forget to live! 

Some people in the fitness industry revolve their whole lives around fitness; fitness talk, fitness friends and hard core dieting. Many avoid fun so that they don’t eat or drink something that they shouldn’t.   Obviously you’ll ruin your results if you aren’t careful but that’s why it’s important to find balance. I’m not saying live it up 7 days a week... what I’m saying is you’ll be just fine if you take a night off from being a fitness junkie. I’m always asked how I stay in shape year round and the answer is that I work crazy hard.. I push my body, I eat healthy, but I also have fun and indulge when I feel I’ve earned it. I live a 80/20 lifestyle which means 80% healthy and 20% who the hell cares! If I deprived myself I’d go crazy and then go on a yo-yo of food binging. It’s better to keep a healthy relationship with food where you earn the fun side of that friendship now and then. Fun side meaning the unhealthy treats :P 

What’s the point in looking amazing if you’re not actually enjoying a life in that body? Work hard and play hard! You can have fun and stay on track... don’t be too serious! Travel, play, eat, laugh!  I didn’t get this body not to experience life... 

If you can get into a healthy mindset about your eating, exercise and goals then you won’t crack from deprivation. My meal plans are full of super yummy recipes that are our favorite foods, except they’re healthier... so you’re eating healthy but actually enjoying it because it has flavor! 

Don’t make this your life, make it your lifestyle! 


What makes me a good trainer //


I believe that there are a lot of amazing trainers out there, but I do consider myself to be unique and different. A lot of trainers have a certain type of style and a certain type of client that they target. I, on the other hand, target everyone and use many, many different exercise methods to not only shock bodies with routine changeups but also educate clients on everything that’s out there. One day that client will be on their own, and I want them to feel comfortable and secure enough to be able to do it without questioning themselves. I work hard to get rid of the intimidation that most people feel when they enter a gym. I believe that building a friendship with my clients allows them to feel comfortable and vulnerable with me, and that gives me a better idea of what will work for them. About 95 percent of my clients re-purchase sessions, which really does say it all because people wouldn’t waste their money if they didn’t see me as a great coach. I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m positive that people can see that.



"I've had a lot of people asking me how I've kept up with the gym school work and yet still enjoyed life and I have to say as much as I've had to stay dedicated I owe a lot of my progress to @xnrg.fit ! Without an online personal trainer I would be too anxious having to set up a routine and never mind to find the time to actually do it!"

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"I really love Haley's program, I have worked out before in the past but always got bored with my workouts and never stayed consistent. Her meal plan and training program are both super easy to follow and have lots of variety so I never know what to expect and I never get bored! I started seeing results right away and feel so much better. Plus she is always just a message away if I have a question about anything. I look forward to continuing training with Haley and reaching new fitness goals."

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"I am very grateful to be a part of the Haley's team and to have a supportive, knowledgeable, and hardworking coach!"

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"I've had a lot of people asking me how I've kept up with the gym school work and yet still enjoyed life and I have to say as much as I've had to stay dedicated I owe a lot of my progress to @xnrg.fit ! Without an online personal trainer I would be too anxious having to set up a routine and never mind to find the time to actually do it!"

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